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PROFISPOT-T®- Markless Table Top Pressure welders Series

Specialized manufacturer of Markless table spot welders

We are manufacturing markless table type Spot Welding Machines.


Flexible Arm Table Spot Welding Machine and Multi-Joint Arm Spot Welder

Markless pressure welding Machine - markless spot welding Machine 

No pinching marks on the bottom side of the components after welding and hence no putty work and grinding.

There is also optional provision for using Argon gas to avoid oxidation at the weld area when SS is welded, the result is clean surface without oxidation.

Models are with 800 x 800 mm or 2500 x 1200 mm table size which can be adjusted by push button in height as per component height.

Horizontal and Vertical gun models in 30 and 120KVA

PROFISPOT-T® - Table type spotwelding machines - Table type projection welding machines - Sheet Metal Welding machines

markless pressure welding Machine - markless spot welding Machine - Welding without marks or deformation : PROFISPOT®

PROFISPOT-T® - Clean Spot welding

No pinching marks on the bottom side of the components and hence no putty work and grinding.

The PROFISPOT-T® makes spot welding a breeze. The machines have been constantly upgraded, and, now in their second generation, compel with a host of benefits and an additional model. In addition to the already proven H-version with a horizontal welding electrode, the new dual arm HV-version has a horizontal as well as an optional vertical welding electrode, achieving even better ergonomics and accuracy. The also new cable control is now designed with a spreader arm, greatly simplifying handling.

The generously dimensioned copper table forms the lower electrode in all versions of the series.

Depending on need, the welding spot can be set using a trigger at the welding gun or the foot pedal.

The quality of the welding spots is outstanding. In part, this is achieved through the water-cooled electrode and the freely programmable welding parameters. The optional antioxidation system is used for stainless materials. In these cases, welding is performed in an inert atmosphere, avoiding decoloration at the welding spots.

It is also possible to weld studs or nuts with the machine.

Heavy, bulky workpieces can handle ergonomically.

Comfortable spot welding

PROFISPOT-T®-Table Top Pressure welders Series

Box welding machines, plate welding machines, plate reinforcing welding machines, insert welding machine, Butt insert welding machine, markless welding machine

What makes our table spot welding machines so unique?

Progress through innovation - Profispot-T Model


Ergonomic “floating” welding guns allow the operator to move the welding tip to the weld spot.
Welding with a table spot welding machine is easy to learn. Operators make perfect welds the very first time.
The Table Spot welding machine design virtually eliminates fixturing and set up for a tremendous increase in productivity.
The Table Spot welding machine welds are cool to the touch. Weld marks are practically invisible with minimal indentation.
Perfect for bolt and nut applications.
Welds most materials including mild steel, galvanneal, stainless steel, galvanized, and aluminum.
Exclusive Easy Setting Timer. Just enter the material and thickness and the control does the rest!
Dual-arm models for tall, large and long, and deep and narrow weld points.

PROFISPOT-T® Markless Table Spot Pressure Welding Machines

Select your machine

PROFISPOT-TS®: Single Arm Table Spot Welding Machines

Efficient markless spot welding machine for joining sheet metals

PROFISPOT-TD®: Dual Arm Table Spot welding Machines

Invisible spot welding results in plate and box applications

PROFISPOT-TF®: Free Arm Table Spot Welding Machines

For markless quick projection welding joints

PROFISPOT-T® - Table type spotwelding machines are the new standard of the spot welding machine

Customer requires reduction of pressmarks even on the surface of products. However, products are different by size, weight and materials. In addition, high productivity  and cost reduction are also required in the industry these days.

The most important point is the benefit gains by investment.

We have been working on the development of the machine to clarify these requirements .  Introducing PROFISPOT-T®(patented), table type spot welder with articulated arms, is the real answer as a new type of spot welder. Many types of PROFISPOT-T® are working in the factory all over the world. PROFISPOT-T®  is progressing every year on its reliability. Now introduced new PROFISPOT-T®  as the standard of spot welder.


Developed in Japan this is traditional type spot welding that produces the strongest welds in the shortest time.  
So fast, that heat is only generated where the metals meet.  

Results provide for virtually zero blemish on the external surface.

Absolutely no prefinishing is required before the application of paint etc. 

Oxidization has been almost eliminated completely. 

All welds are produced without flying sparks. 

The highest quality welds are guaranteed.

Can be supplied on multi machine formats, including table type and fixed tip type spot welding machines.
3 phase power input becomes DC output via inhouse developed Mid Frequency Inverter.  Unlike capacitor discharge type welders, the large current waveform is controlled. Highest Quality welds are produced without flying sparks.  Coupled with our Unique Touch Screen Control, setting the weld conditions is easy for anyone.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information without obligation.

Comparison of operating efficiency between Profispot-T table spot welder and a conventional spot welder

in Steel Desk Production Process

Conventional spot welding machine Profispot-T table spot welding machine
Production/day 190 desks 310 desks
Personnel 6 4
Mean working hours/day 10x6=60Hours 10x4=40Hours
Working time/unit 18.9min 7.7min
Cost reduction (18.9-7.7)/18.9 = 0.59 = 59% down
Post process Finishing time 4min/unit 0min/unit (100%down)
Environment Quality BAD: Dust from secondary grinding and polishing process Good: no dust
High Welding Skills Required Not required
Quality Inconsistent Consistent
Surface quality medium to bad (marks and burns) very good, no marks or burns

Drastically improves the weld quality of inserts, studs and butt welds - special for stud welding

Available dimensions

Model 8080 8080hp 20080
Effective size of welding platform 800mmx800mm 800mmx800mm 2000mmx800mm
Max.range of Crank moving 1000mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max.angle of Crank moving 180° 180° 180°
Adjusting range of platform height 0-200mm 0-200mm 0-200mm
Input voltage 380V,3 phases 380V,3 phases 380V,3 phases
Input current 65A 80A 80A
Output voltage 8.5V 10V 12V
Max.Welding Current 15000A 18000A 26000A
Welding Specification 18 kinds 18 kinds 18 kinds
Different Welding Current 6 kinds 6 kinds 6 kinds

Characteristics of PROFISPOT®

Easy operation. Put product on the table, place the tip and press hand switch.
All welding process will be done by PROFISPOT®.
You do not have to hold product, just put on the table --- One-Man operation!
Table type electrode minimizes protrusions in the product on the tableside. Drastic reduction of visible welding marks
Eliminates grinder finishing and keep your working environment clean.
Reduce production time!
Suitable for high-mix low-volume production!
Workers stay on easy working position and keep the same production speed.
No restrictions of designing the products for spot welding.

Benefit of PROFISPOT-T®

 Increase productivity

 Improve quality

 Large cost reduction

 Minimize working time

 Improve working environment

 Special skill is not required

 No sparks, No sputters

No weld marks on base metal

No Oxidation Mark on Stainless Steel

Consistent Quality

 Fit to your factory with new colors

Maintenance and technical support are provided

Provided easy operation guide

Can weld Nuts and Studs




Profispot-T is the perfect solution for invisible point welding

Resistance spot welding involves melting a weld nugget of the interface of the sheets to be joined. Relatively high electrode forces are used to contain the melted material and to minimise heating between the electrode and the sheet surface. An indentation is normally produced on each sheet surface during welding, up to 10 or 20% of the sheet thickness, when the softened material is squeezed by the electrodes.

In some cases, a good surface appearance is required on one side of the joint (face side). While it is virtually impossible to eliminate the mark completely when making welds to the normal weld diameter requirements, there are ways of minimising the marks.

  • On the face side, a flat electrode or backing bar can be used. This must have a smooth surface and be well aligned to both the sheet itself and to the opposing electrode tip. Good cooling is an advantage.

  • A self-aligning flat electrode can also be used to allow some self-alignment to the sheets being joined. However, they have a limited movement capability and poorer cooling capability compared to a solid electrode. It is still important that the opposing electrode is well aligned.

  • Series welding enables welds to be made against a flat backing bar. For thin sheet, this bar is normally copper alloy and provides the current link between welding points. If the face side sheet is sufficiently thick, then an insulating backing can be used and the welding current flows through the sheet itself to the return electrode.

  • Projection welding can be employed and the projections are punched in the sheet opposing the face sheet. A number of welds can be made simultaneously. A large flat electrode on the face side can minimise marking, as with spot welding, provided that the mechanical wear of the electrode (in the form of a shallow indentation) is controlled.

Coated steels present a particular problem for making minimum marking welds as the alloying of the coating with the electrode causes rapid electrode wear and the surface of the sheet shows the marking of the worn surface in the face electrode.

In summary the main factors in minimising marking are:

  • Good alignment of the electrode contact faces and workpiece. - Profispot-T allign all parts on the table which is ONE electrode

  • Smooth surface of the face side electrode. - The face side with nice reult must be placed with face on the table

  • Good cooling- Our big copper heat conducting table of the Profispot-T machine is the perfect cooling unit.

It is important to check that weld formation is not affected when using electrodes with a dissimilar contact area. The position of the nugget tends to form nearer the electrode with the smaller contact area. This can be a particular problem when the face side sheet is thinnest.

A useful compromise for controlling marking in special cases could be to use an electrode with a large face radius on the face side to achieve a smooth shallow indentation with good visual appearance.