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Digital Capacity Discharge (CD) Welding Controller

Our Capacity Discharge Welding Controller (CD)

High Precision Micro processor controlled capacitance discharging welding

Power Source: The design uses capacitor discharge method as welding power source. Adopt Japanese "NIPPON CHEMI CON"(475V)high quality brand urgent charge-discharge special capacitor; High-speed charging and discharging voltage circuit, and fast charge-discharge special capacitance. Every minute charge-discharge cycle count as to 124 times (set to 100V) with quick speed, high efficiency; Digital adjustment of electric voltage, adjustable voltage from 0 to 425V. Accuracy for fluctuation is 1v which can help to guarantee the welding accuracy.

Welding control system: It used advanced microcomputer rapid response touch controller, digital control, simple and clear operate interface; Quick thinking logic circuit, can guarantee the voltage for each discharge must reach the preset voltage then it can work, which can ensure the stability of the welding effect. It can effectively prevent the unhealthy phenomenon of loose weld and cold joint; Speed reaction, high accuracy control, provide guarantee for high quality welding spot.

Capacitor discharge welding machines

To satisfy market demands, we have an extended range of capacitor discharge welding machines dedicated mainly to projection welding applications. This technology works by storing energy in capacitors which on discharging, release the current by very fast pulse. It is possible in this way to produce very high welding currents with a very low supply consumption.


No marking on the parts to be welded. Extremely short welding times (5 to 20 ms) minimizes heat build-up and prevents distortion and discoloration of the material.


  • very high welding currents (up to 140kA) with a low power supply
  • welding of high resistance steels (HLE, THLE, boron steels)
  • welding of steels with high carbon content (>0.2%)

Investment savings:

  • No major modifications needed to your electrical supply (power outlet of 32A or 63A is enough!)

Ecological and Economical:

  • no water consumption (machines are air cooled)
  • very low electrical consumption (energy efficiency greater than 90% linked to energy concentration)

Simplicity of use:

  • 2 parameters to be set: force and energy

Discharged Current Welding


Stored energy welding

Capacitor Discharge DC is one of the direct current series which extracts energy from the power over a period of time for storing in capacitors. The stored energy is rapidly discharged to transformer producing a flow of electrical current for welding. Capacitor Discharge solution is the best application in welding products in hot rolled sheet or thick steel sheet with multiple embossments.

The stored energy welding power supply, commonly called a Capacitive Discharge or CD Welder, extracts energy from the power line over a period of time and stores it in welding capacitors. Thus, the effective weld energy is independent of line voltage fluctuations. This stored energy is rapidly discharged through a pulse transformer producing a flow of electrical current through the welding head and workpieces. Capacitive discharge power supplies are rated in accordance with the amount of energy they store and the welding speed. The energy stored, expressed in watt-seconds (joules), is the product of one-half the capacitance of the capacitor bank and the square of the applied voltage. The energy delivered to the electrodes is considerably less than this value because of losses in the primary and secondary circuits. Some power supplies provide a “Dual Pulse” feature which allows the use of two pulses to make a weld. The first pulse is generally used to displace surface oxides and plating, and the second pulse welds the base materials. This feature also reduces spitting.

Welding Current Flow at CD, AC ,DC en MFDC

Capacity Discharged welding

High speed charging and discharging

  1. High speed of charging and discharging digital stable voltage circuit. The times of charging could reach 124 times per minute. (See graph)
  2. Quick logic circuit which does ensure the machine to work only when the voltage of discharging has reached the preset data. Under such situation, when the machine is conducting high ritme work, it will not discharge when the voltage does not reach preset data and will not influent the welding effect.
  3. Digital adjustable stored energy voltage which could be adjusted from 0 to 425V. Accuracy could reach ±1V.
  4. Accurate digital circuit which could control the error rate of stable voltage to be ±0.5%.
  5. Double over pressure protective circuit which could ensure the charging voltage will not exceed the preset safety standard so as to protect the capacitor.
  6. Built-in and preset safe discharging time is 0.1s.
  7. LCD counters.
  8. Easy digital button control panel