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Profispot TD: Dual arm Table type Pressure welding machine

One vertical arm for deep cavities and one Horizontal arm for flexibility

In addition to the already proven TS-version with a horizontal welding electrode, the new TD version has a horizontal as well as a vertical welding electrode, achieving even better ergonomics and accuracy.

What makes our table spot welding machines so unique?

Progress through innovation.


Ergonomic “floating” welding guns allow the operator to move the welding tip to the weld spot.
Welding with a table spot welding machine is easy to learn. Operators make perfect welds the very first time.
The Table Spot welding machine design virtually eliminates fixturing and set up for a tremendous increase in productivity.
The Table Spot welding machine welds are cool to the touch. Weld marks are practically invisible with minimal indentation.
Perfect for bolt and nut applications.
Welds most materials including mild steel, galvanneal, stainless steel, galvanized, and aluminum.
Exclusive Easy Setting Timer. Just enter the material and thickness and the control does the rest!
Dual-arm models for tall, large and long, and deep and narrow weld points.

Applications of Dual arm Table type Pressure welding machine

One vertical arm for deep cavities and one Horizontal arm for flexibility

Drastically improves the weld quality of inserts and butt welds - special for stud welding

Spot Welding machine with one or two welding units

Less labor for welding large parts

The operator can manually move the welding unit quickly over the entire working area. It makes the welding of large parts much easier because there is no need to move them during operation.

Refined welding effect

The wide contact surface at which the current is distributed allows achieving good visual quality that is unfeasible with standard spot welding machines. It minimizes time for cleaning and refinement; the product is ready for further assembly and painting after welding.

Sturdy reinforced steel construction

The sturdy reinforced steel construction can withstand significant mechanical and electromagnetic load.

Automated pneumatic cylinder pressure control

The proportional valve enables automatic pressure control in the pneumatic cylinder when the value of the compression force on the electrode changes, which reduces the number of waste.

The first important feature of the new version of the PROFISPOT-CNC® CNC pressure welding machines is the large working bench, where a thick 10 to 30mm flat copper plate acts as counter-electrode and dissipate the heat perfectly.

This makes easy to locate onto the bench either large pieces, like doors, or small ones, like shelves, which can also be in several units.

The second main feature is the solid “flag type” welding head which can run at high speed along X and Y axis, releasing a welding force up to 1800 daN.

Standard dimensions of the table are 1200x2400mm, but larger can be supplied on demand, with the possibility to split it into two or more  areas (working/loading-unloading), to speed up the productivity.

This type of compact structure makes possible reaching the highest speed on its market sector,  targeting 40 real welding spots per minute.

The PROFISPOT-CNC® CNC pressure welding machines are equipped with  last generation of Medium Frequency package with all related advantages in quality and energy saving.

Programming is made simpler, faster and more intuitive by using the latest easy-friendly technology.