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PROFISPOT-CNC-TM® Multipoint CNC Dual Table JIG Spot Welding Machine

Increased productivity - Zero lost time

Profimach is now offering a very versatile jig welder, which allows a single operator the ability to process welded parts seamlessly and without production stoppage. While the operator prepares the material for welding on the operator side of the table, the welder is welding the product on the other side of the table.

These Jig Welders offer:

Increased safety.

Consistent quality.

Increased flexibility.

Extremely fast changeover times.

Reduced labour costs.

Select form our simple entry level 2 axis units to multi-axis machines that can incorporate servo adjustable welding heights and servo rotating heads.

We even offer a range of welding technologies to pick from that are best suited for your budget and needs. Including AC, DC, Medium Frequency DC, and high frequency modulated AC.


With standard features like:

Freely programmable welding heads
Drive system with direct servo drives.
Accurate positioning system with AC servo motors with precision of +/0,2mm.
Ability to weld two different parts on the two jigs, with auto program selection from jig position sensors.
Quick change jigging system.
Full program edit facilities.
Safety fence, with interlocked gate on demand.

Work sample of reinforcing platewelding

PROFISPOT-CNC-TM® Multipoint CNC Table Spot Welding Machine

Profimach affordable versatile welder electrodes can be designed and manufactured to specifically suit the product being welded. Electrode tips are interchangeable, allowing a single machine to weld a wide variety of different products. Varying the electrode configuration allows for multiple products to be run on the same jig
without having to write a separate program or change electrodes between products, reducing changeover times, and increasing operating efficiency.
Products with varying heights can be accommodated with PROFISPOT'S servo driven Z-Axis electrodes.

Drastically improves the weld quality of inserts and butt welds