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High performance pressure welding machines made affordable

PROFISPOT®: Affordable High Quality Pressure welding machines

PROFISPOT® welding machines are to be found in all fields of resistance welding, mostly where enormous levels of productivity are applied in the fabrication of high quality components.

Constantly tried & tested, high-performing spot welding machines, projection welding Machines, CNC Welding Machines and roller seam welding machines are the result of decades of ongoing progressive R & D.

Our pressure welding machines are deliberately robust and long-lasting, day after day fulfilling the demands of modern metalworking industry. 

Why pay more? 

PROFISPOT® and PROFIBOT® offers a range of standard robust stationary and other welding machines and Robots ideal for the applications of spot welding, seam welding, projection welding, laser welding, butt welding and robot welding at very affordable and competitive prices. 


Resistance Spot and Seam Welding Machines made for Europe and the World

From versatile spot welders to fibre laser robot welding cells, PROFISPOT® welding equipment  can take your assembly and fabrication to a higher level of precision and productivity at an affordable cost.

For specific applications, PROFISPOT® uses its knowledge acquired over the last 30 years to construct machines that are reliable and functional.


Why search further?

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Our Ecological responsable Resistance welding controllers with direct current inverter technology (MFDC) reduces costs by improving quality, reducing maintenance, and increasing productivity.

Sustaianable and ECOLOGICAL : MFDC Welding Controllers

Switching from traditional alternative current (AC) to DC with inverters (MFDC) also reduces a range of facilities costs as well reduces the dangerous fumes and improves the process. Finally, it provides the ability to weld new materials, so it can add to a company's capability or product scope.

PROFISPOT® CNC JIG spot welding machines


Resistance welding machine for spot or projection welding, CNC controller. High speed and cycles execution. Interface with loading/unloading robotic system is available.

Our mobile crank-arm flat table spot welding machines and our bridge type Spot welding machines are designed with one or multiple mobile arms according to the principle of mechanical arm, which can automatically or manually move in order to ensure the precise preset position of welding spot.

AC pulse, three-phase secondary rectifying or medium frequency inverter power source can be chosen to be the welding power source.

All PROFISPOT® CNC spot welding machines generate an drastic increase of productivity till 70%.

PROFISPOT-S® Seam welding machine for welding sinks-basins into countertops and worktops

Welding stainless steel sinks, bowls, fryers, basins of all shapes and sizes into kitchen countertops, worktops and drainers to use in gastronomy (HORECA) and medicine.


Special challenges demand individual solutions.

For decades now, we have been supplying high quality spot, projection and roller seam welding machines and today we are still doing the same, growing still in technological experience. Where sophisticated standards are no longer enough, we pick up the years of experience and put them to use in designing your special needs for the future. Working together, we come up with the economical and the most optimum technical solution for your products and fabrication operational conditions. Your ideas, your production, your materials and products are actually the most valuable assets so we have to put these assets to their best performance in today´s international market place. This is exactly where rationally working innovative solutions and second-to-none service are demanded.

Improve your product quality and eliminate errors by making use of precise well-tested Profimach lowcost welding machines tuned exactly to your material needs. Rationalize processes through planning, close lines of communication, automation and optimized speeds inside your workflow – Profimach welding division designs & develops the necessary highly-complex fabrication cells and special plant. Increase your productivity through rapid, fault-free operation, correctly trained personnel and the avoidance of downtimes. We stand on your side with the best possible experience, supported by our quality machines and a comprehensive list of services as partner in resistance welding technology.


In addition to the classic run-of-the-mill resistance welding processes spot welding, projection welding and roller seam welding, we also offer special welding solutions in the field of robot welding as well as upstream / downstream component fabrication processes.


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Affordable quality Pressure Welding machines - With 2 years warranty