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Profispot-C® CNC Spot Welding Machines

Affordable and reliable automatic CNC welding machines which boost your production

PROFISPOT® CNC spot welding machines

Resistance welding machine for spot or projection welding, CNC controller. High speed and cycles execution. Interface with loading/unloading robotic system is available.

Our mobile crank-arm flat table spot welding machines and our bridge type Spot welding machines are designed with one or multiple mobile arms according to the principle of mechanical arm, which can automatically or manually move in order to ensure the precise preset position of welding spot.

AC pulse, three-phase secondary rectifying or medium frequency inverter power source can be chosen to be the welding power source.

All PROFISPOT® CNC spot welding machines generate an drastic increase of productivity till 70%.

PROFISPOT-CNC® Pressure Welding Machines

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PROFISPOT-CNC®: CNC Pressure Welding Machines

Efficient pressure welding machine for joining sheet metals or metal wires

PROFISPOT-CNC-TM® Multipoint CNC Table Spot Welding Machine

Invisible spot welding results in plate and box applications

PROFISPOT-CNC® Pressure Seam Roll Welding Machines

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