Spotwelding Machines

Profimach Pressure welding machines - Spot Welding Machines


Our Pressure/Spot-Welding machines are designed for applications that require more current and more force than standard equipment is intended. Our heavy-duty Spot-Welders use a very sturdy C-frame and can be considered as one of the most rigid on the market today.

Our Heavy-Duty Projection Type Resistance Welders are widely used by the metalworking industries today because of its extreme versatility.  This general-purpose machine represents a new high achievement in welder design and engineering and embodies advantages which afford the greatest performance.  Its modern design has incorporated ruggedness, accuracy, and reliable uninterrupted performance – all of which are of utmost importance to high production rate.

The main frame is high quality welded steel construction styled for trim appearance and functional design.  The slim design requires a minimum of floor space.  The upper arm extension is built integrally with the frame.  The removable rear cover permits ready access to the frame interior for inspection and maintenance.

All our machines are fully digital controlled with the latest microprocessed power controller.

Our welding machines can be delivered equipped with one of following controllers and power sources:

  • Digital Capacity Discharge (CD) welding controller
  • Digital Alternateing Current (AC) welding controller
  • Digital Medium Frequency inverted Direct Current (MFDC) welding controller

Depending process, workpiece, budget and workload, the perfect choice for your job is always available.



Outstanding Spot welding Equipment features

  • Strong steel-welded frames, stable and solid.
  • Adopt the energy storage quick charge-discharge capacitor from Japan Nippon Chemi-Con (NCC); Fast discharge rate.
  • Convenient operation, easy adjustment. The intensity and time of welding current of each welding condition could be set separately.
  • Adopt pneumatic parts from Japan or Taiwan.

Outstanding spot welding computer controller

Intelligent Microcomputer Machine Controller features

Digital quality guaranteed


  • Three control functions: constant primary and secondary current, constant voltage;
  • Automatic adjustment of welding power and welding current;
  • Ensure the automatic cycle of each program segment of welding process in order to achieve complete automation;
  • When the current is too low, it will automatically electrify to conduct repair welding;
  • Be able to use the control panel to set parameters for different welding models directly. Convenient operation, easy adjustment;
  • Both single welding and continuous welding are available and each welding cycle has three welding conditions;
  • The intensity and time of welding current of each welding condition could be set separately. In the meantime, the current could be set to gradual up or down;
  • Pneumatic control (action output); the pneumatic control could be delayed;
  • Be able to store 32 types of welding models. Be able to select and adjust different welding models by choosing the number of models;
  • When the power grid voltage fluctuates, the automatically compensation can make the welding current more stable. Thus, the welding quality could be guaranteed even though the grid voltage is under bad situation.
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