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Vertical Circular Seam Automatic CO2/MAG/MIG/TIG Welding Machine

Collar Welding Machine - Sleeve Welding Machine - Circle welder

Joint Welding Machine - Flange Welding Machine - WELDAROUND ROTARY WELDING SYSTEM

This system is designed to undertake the collar welding of the works such as the LPG tanks, compressors, air tanks, hydraulic cylinders, pressurized air tubes etc. with ease. The work part on V-Shaped bearings is held fixed as the work is finished with torque adjustable welding speeds by providing 360 degrees auto-rotation and by reverting back to the starting position and changing the material, the system gets ready for another operation.

Standart Features

  • Adjustable Welding Speed
  • V bearings with height adjustment
  • Anti Torque Sagging System

Our rotary welding machines are systems designed to weld circular components with high through-put. Our machines offer both single or multiple torches to weld both small and large surface areas. Our WELDAROUND family of automated welders are versatile and durable production tools designed to weld a broad range of parts.  They are designed to economically satisfy your production needs without the added costs of highly engineered systems.

These rotary welders are also commonly referred to as: fitting welders, circle welders, header welders or port welders.

Repetitive accuracy, ease of use, and cost efficiency are just a few advantages built into this model.  The 360-degree torch, TIG or MIG rotation plus an adjustable overlap is designed to produce fast, repeatable, flat circular or contoured welds.

This economical Ring Welder is an affordable alternative to other customized welding machines. Our circle welder machines are heavy duty pieces of equipment that can handle the toughest jobs and are equipt with the latest in automated welding technology and digital controls.